[Accepted] -Application Ninerva

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[Accepted] -Application Ninerva

Post by Lynn on Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:39 pm

*IGN ( in game name ) : Ninerva

*Do you have any alts that will not be moved to Elite? : This is my first char on the alliance side, but I have 2 lvl 80s on the horde side Wink

*Class : Druid

*Character Level : Atm lvl 10 but started just a hour ago, but I'm lvling as fast as I can Smile

*Age : 16

*Gender : Female

*Previous Guilds ( if any ) : Nope

*How experienced are you with PvE? : I'm playing WoW for like 3 years now (including 1 year stop) so I think I'm well experienced Smile (always played horde)

*Why do you wish to join Elite? : I heard good stories about the guild Elite from my friend Vfor, and I would like to join Elite because It's an active guild, with skilled ppl

*Did you read our rules? : Yes and I agree

I know the guild doesn't invite ppl at the moment, but it's worth trying Smile

Greetings, Ninerva

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Re: [Accepted] -Application Ninerva

Post by Dhagoon on Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:56 pm

Let's talk a bit in game when you're on, and we'll see.

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