[Closed] Application Zoropriest

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[Closed] Application Zoropriest

Post by Zoroat on Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:02 am

Hi all,i am 15 and i'm from italy,my name is Christian and i want to join this fantastic guild,this is my application:
(oh,my english is bad but i hope that you can understand...)

*IGN ( in game name ) :Zoropriest only for now

*Do you have any alts that will not be moved to Elite? :no

*Class :Priest(i will be healer to help in raids)

*Character Level :I am levelling up (liv 5 now)

*Age :15

*Gender :Male

*Previous Guilds ( if any ) :No one

*How experienced are you with PvE? :I think i am sufficient about pve,i've played Wow for two years.Pve logo stay for Player Versus Environment(=mobs) so its a guild that do a lot of raids.

*Why do you wish to join Elite? :I am new in this server,and i want to join this guild to find help and join future raids when i will be liv 80.

*Did you read our rules? :Of course.

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Re: [Closed] Application Zoropriest

Post by Dhagoon on Tue Feb 16, 2010 7:16 pm

Reapply once you reach 60, and whisper me in game.


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